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Tony picture framedThis home page gives insight into what I do as a psychologist and counsellor. It highlights the eleven aspects of the website beginning at the home page then moving onto my work and career profile. This explains my work history and the areas of psychology I specialize in. The training and work background section shows my development as a therapist and a psychologist over the 30 years of my career.

The pictorial history are photographs of my personal history so you can get some insight into who I am. Seeking the services of a counsellor or psychologist is different to employing an accountant or a plumber. Not only are you seeking the expertise of the counsellor but you are also meeting with them the person in a very private way. Who they are, is just as important as the therapeutic skills they have. Such is the nature of psychology and counselling that is different to most other professions and occupations. Hopefully my pictorial history provides some insight into who I am as the person and as the psychologist.

Most of the rest is the writing I have done over my whole working life. Writing is my real passion. The thing I most enjoy. If I won the lottery that is what I would spend most of my time doing. Fortunately the area of counselling and psychology gives one a lot to write about. It is almost endless or at least I have not come to the end yet. Provided are numerous free downloads of the many areas I have written about.

The “Books” section includes my two latest publications on suicide and alcohol and drug use. Also available as free downloads are the two very first publications I put together. I began writing in the early 1980s and these include some of what I was producing at that time.

“Journals” are formal articles that are published in peer reviewed scientific journals whereas “Magazines” are more newsletters and other publications of professional organizations I have dealt with over the years. These are generally not peer reviewed but of course have to pass the ‘red ink’ of the editor. Hence they tend to have less scientific rigor but this allows one to be more adventuresome in his statements and conclusions and hence more interesting from that point of view.

“Blogs” constitute a large tome of writing I have produced since 2009. It contains all kinds of musing on a wide variety of topics. If you wish to have a look it is best to click on the graffiti99 tab. “Posters” are a relatively new inclusion and represent ideas I have produced presented in an artsy type of way. Again the topics are wide and varied based on my work and thinking over the years.

Finally one may have noted that I tend to have a graffiti theme throughout my writings and websites. I originally trained as a sociologist in my early university years and was fascinated by the topic. How various forces or groups in a society establish themselves and interact, often in opposition.

Graffiti is a powerful force in society that keeps surviving many attempts to destroy it by other powerful groups in the community. I predict it will eventually be consumed, become part of the mainstream and then fade into much less significance but we will have to wait and see. But it certainly is speaking volumes and is a very persistent voice in most western societies if only we will listen to what it is saying.

Tony White

Jerkies graffiti