Adolescence, anger and what to do

Got my adolescent workshop all planned and done now and it has some good new things in it that I have not done before. A workshop on how to deal with adolescent anger and I start by not talking about the anger. The importance of meeting and understanding the non angry secret world of the teenager. And the benefits of doing that, most get distracted away from this which therapeutically is an error.

This information is uncommon in the literature on teenagers and is indeed quite hard to find as so little has been written on it. When one gets given access to their secret world one finds they are quite a conventional group in what they believe are good life values and goals. Also their personal experience and feelings behind the surface will surprise most as they can suffer some difficult feelings and thoughts.

Then there is the romantic world of the teenager. For the first time they discover about love, jealousy, competition, unrequited love and infatuation. How does one actually go about falling in love. Most adults have forgotten about this long ago but it can be quite perplexing for the the ‘first timer’ along with all the other things they have to learn and experience for the first time.

Finally there is the conformity. Underneath the rebel and bravado are a group who are quite conforming, much more so than the general adult population. There have been four main explanations given for why this is so.

By not talking about the anger you get to deal with it in a new and different way.

Hotel M, Ljubljana

October 21st, 9am.


Behind the fun loving rule breakers are a group with quite conventional views who are quite conforming to their peers. More than the average adult

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