Causes of depression

This is a note on depression that I found some where on the internet. It provides a list of the main causes of depression that would generally be considered mainstream. It also presents a belief system about the basis of human thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Causes of depression

To my mind it misses one important one. The problem with these is they are disempowering. Another main cause of depression – it is the feeling solution I choose as a small child to have in response to certain environmental stimuli. My Little Professor ego state or A1 decided this is the solution or response I will have. My depression is a result of my decision in this way.

Depression empowered cause Jpeg

This approach or view of depression means I am now empowered and in charge of my depression. I take responsibility for my depression, thoughts and behaviours. I choose it, therefore I am in charge of it, and therefore I have the power to change it.

This is not only adding one extra cause of depression to the list but provides a different view of the nature and cause of depression. It represents a different philosophical view of human nature that is based on personal empowerment. It is seen as important because the last thing a depressed person needs to be is disempowered by those involved in his or her treatment.

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