Client’s chair in the therapy room – Part 2

Here is the new chair I bought for my clients in the therapy room. 

As Uros said the chair is comfortable but not too comfy which sums it up well I think.

chair 2


When you sit in it, it is soft but as I said in the blog post below it also keeps the back straight to some degree. This is the transaction I am wanting to send to the client. Be comfortable but there is a real world out there that needs to be dealt with. Therapy is not an escape from the real world.

Also I wanted it wide enough so people could sit like this if they wanted to, which they can. 

chair sitters

People can sit with their feet up on the chair. When this happens it is indicating that the client is starting to regress. 

Therapists at times ask client’s questions that are anxiety producing for them. When people start to feel anxious they will start to regress and it is important for the therapist to know when that is happening. One reason being is the way the client thinks and processes information starts to move from the A2 to the A1. More childlike magical thinking will occur as the regression increases.

Regression ego states

In addition as the client regresses more they become more open to hypnotic suggestions.

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