Drugs and danger

It is high season for rock concerts in Australia so there is a lot of coverage in the press at the moment. The usual stuff, a lot being about drugs at rock concerts. People are searched at the gate and there are sniffer dogs and so forth. Apparently a large number of unused condoms have been found in the toilet area. People put drugs in them and secrete them in their body. Also there are pass outs this time. People can go out side for a while and then return, so they hide drugs outside nearby, take them outside and then go back in. With drugs, where there is a will there is always a way!!!!

I saw an interview with one senior copper who was saying that they weren’t getting the message across about the dangers of drug use with these younger people. That XTC is very dangerous because it can have all sorts of other things in the tablets. Which is all very true, they can have all sorts of things in them, made by unscrupulous persons.

However the copper omitted one piece of information to tell these younger people. You have more chance of dying by being blown up in a plane by a terrorist than by dying from an over dose of XTC. All those people will hear the copper tell them about the dangers of drugs, take XTC, see all their friends take XTC and the vast majority will see nothing bad happen to any of them.


So what are these people going to conclude about what the cops say about drugs. They will conclude that they are being lied to, because they are being lied to, by omission. You can’t keep lying to a group of people and not expect them to work that out.

I would suggest to that senior police officer that the message is getting through loud and clear, but instead he needs to look at what message are the police sending. Stop lying to the young people about this.

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