It seems the right time to make a comment. Not too sure why but it just is. I have always found this section of my website (Fotographia) a juxtaposition. I like it and don’t like it at the same time. I cannot recall ever having someone comment about it – positive or negative. I have had many people over the years comment about other aspects of my website – generally positive but by no means always. I can not recall ever seeing a similar type of thing on another psychologist’s or psychotherapist’s website, so it is unusual and yet I have never had a comment about it.

It has generally had a vote of approval from those people who are pictured in it. As a trawl the internet for interesting photographs every now and then I will come across one that I instantly know is right for Fotographia. It would be one in hundreds. I don’t know why it is right, as I have no idea what the selection criteria is, but when I see it I know right away.  A few who have featured in fotographia I find multiple of their pictures are right for the subject. So it’s not always just about the photograph but it is something about the face being photographed at least in some instances.


If I want to use it I then send it to the person and ask for their approval. There has only ever been one person who has refused. When I started I expected a refusal rate of about 50% if not more, but as it turns out I have a refusal rate of only 10% and that will probably get less as the number of Fotographia subjects increase. I then write my statement and send it to the person for their approval to use. I have only ever had one person who wanted just a couple of words changed, all the others have approved what I have written in its entirety. Again I was expecting much higher numbers who wanted things changed in the statement about their face. Indeed I have had the opposite, with comments like:

“I love to read your observations.”

“Yes use it. very interesting….:):):)”

“Thanks for that it makes for an interesting read.”

This type of comment is typical and I am being thanked for doing it when in fact I should be thanking them. It seems a bit around the wrong way for me. Clearly, Fotographia gets a vote of approval from those who are pictured in it.

I said before, part of me doesn’t like it. That’s not exactly true, it’s more that it frightens me a bit as I have no idea what it is about. I recall when setting it up with my website person Dena, I said precisely that. I have no idea what I am doing with Fotographia. (Please note: for all your website needs go and see Dena Marshall. She is very good at website stuff and is a lovely person at the same time.)

Dena & I

Dena and I


I don’t know what the point of it is, or what I am trying to achieve. It just is! I am completely flying in the dark with it, which creates a bit of disquiet in my mind because when one makes such public statements it is usually a good idea to know what your point is. Interestingly my comments have changed over time. What I was saying in the first ones is different to what I am saying in them now and again I have no idea what that means, or the point of it is, or what the evolution is.

When I find a photograph that feels right I usually sit with it for at least a day, if not a week and what I am going to say just ‘bubbles’ up. It is not manufactured at all. The photograph is not analysed in the usual way one would do such a thing. I think I am wanting it to be a completely intuitive process on my behalf.

The theory says that 90% of the observations of others is done by the A1 and is unconscious. We are only aware of very few of our observations that we are constantly making. This is a frustrating part of the Fotographia process and it is unpleasant for me in that way. I know I know stuff about the photograph. I can feel it but I can’t verbalise it (consciously). Hence I have sought to find a way by which I allow myself to tap into those A1 observations. Hence I get what I call the ‘bubbling’, but I don’t even know what that is.

Ego state observations Jpeg

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  1. Ken Abrahams says:

    I like the genuine nature of her expression Tony. It’s like her Adult ego state is assessing or cathected.

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