My older brother and I with the nanny on holiday at Rottnest Island.



My self as a cowboy on the front lawn of the home I grew up in.



Santa Claus and I



Myself about to fire a slingshot. Just about to take the top off an ants nest and run like heck.


Horse riding was an interest of mine in my childhood and teenage years

Horse riding was an interest of mine in my childhood and teenage years



I can see the look in my face. Mixed up teenager.



Much of my childhood and young adulthood was spent surfing. Here I am executing a cutback.



As a teenager in a beer garden with my friends. Lots of very good friends and very good times were a had.



On the left as a groomsman at my brothers wedding.



Myself on the left. Triple dating with my friends.



My mother and I in San Francisco. The early days of my journey as a psychotherapist training in California.



1981. With my parents the day I passed my clinical membership examinations in psychotherapy.



1989. My acceptance speech for the Goulding Award.



1989. Doing my oral examinations when I passed my teaching and supervising membership examinations in psychotherapy. I was teaching on the two ego state model.



Doing co-therapy with Mary Goulding. these were the real psychotherapy days. Lots and lots of psychotherapy and in a whole variety of therapeutic settings. I like it how I have worked in such a diverse range of therapeutic settings.

Workshops in 2009



Hobart Tasmania, Australia. Two day workshop to counsellors. That’s me on the extreme right next to my long time good friend Lesley Rogers.



Zagreb, Croatia – Two day workshop. Tatjana, Jelena and myself walking through Zadar in Dalmatia. A most beautiful part of the world.



Belgrade, Serbia – Two day workshop. With the workshop members at one of the workshops. On the extreme right is Zoran Milivojevic who convened the workshops.



Novi Sad, Serbia – Two day workshop. The members of the two days of workshops, mostly psychologists and counsellors. The woman right at the front is Milica who translated for the workshops and did a great job indeed.

Worshops 2010



Belgrade Serbia – Addictions studies Certificate 1 workshop.


Photo 20

Belgrade Serbia – Child development workshop.

Workshops 2011



Singapore – (January) Redecision therapy workshop at Executive Counselling and Training Academy. Director (Jessica Leong) seated right, front row.



Singapore – (November) Redecision therapy workshop at Executive Counselling and Training Academy. Seated Tony White and Jessica Leong

 Worshops 2012



Ljubljana, Slovenia – All day workshop on counselling the suicidal client. Tony white seated with the workshop organisers: Jana, Darja & Helena.


Photo 24

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Panel discussion on suicide and culture.

Workshops 2013


Photo 25

London Conference – Embracing our heritage; The legacy of Eric Berne. My presentation showing my life script timeline on now Transactional Analysis has impacted me personally and professionally. Highlighting my development of the Two ego state model.



Some participants at the London conference


Photo 27

Two day workshop conducted at St Austell, Cornwall, England.


Photo 28

Some of the participants in the workshop.


Photo 29

Ljubljana Slovenia – All day workshop on teenager suicide. Myself discussing some issue with one of the participants.


Photo 30

The group working with worksheets at the workshop.

Workshops 2014


Panel 2











Myself, Ray Little, Richard Erskine, Charlotte Sills, John McNeel, Amaia Mauriz. Conference panel – Emerging psychotherapeutic methods – Transactional Analysis World Conference.