Listening to the unconscious in self

All set for my next Webinar module on games. Had to do new research for this because of the additions of enactments and projective identification to the mainstream Transactional Analysis literature. In my view enactments are significantly different to games such that they constitute a new time structure. Berne’s original list of time structures and probably what constitutes the current list of time structures.

Two lists of time structures Jpeg

In working with enactments the therapist must seek to become aware of their unconscious and dissociated parts of self. When working as a therapist how does one do that?

Counter transference reactions in the therapist may be occurring when there is a sense of unease, discomfort and disorientation. Anything in the therapist’s behaviour that deviates from the norm.

Unconscious dynamics in the mind of the therapist can be found with therapist’s free floating associations which can include visual and auditory images memories or daydreams.

Visual and auditory images that come spontaneously into the therapist’s mind as he works with the client. Conscious reflection on these can allow one to gain conscious awareness of unconscious material.

Especially when these images are uninvited and unwilled

Any odd phenomena that enters the mind from images, to words, to snatches of songs. The therapist then associates to these, feels the experience of this and lets the meanings come to mind.

Allowing fantasy to develop



Interestingly on my website in Fotographia I seek to achieve the same result.

In psychodynamic photographic analysis one is striving to observe the non obvious. Those aspects of the photograph that our unconscious is not allowing us to see

In this photographic analysis one constantly fights against being seduced away from the unconscious observations.

If one can release self from the chains of Adult observation and simply feel the observation

If one sits back and lets the unconscious responses bubble to the surface

Psychodynamic facial photographic analysis is about understanding the unconscious observations. Seeing what you don’t know you are seeing.

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