Posters by Tony White


Posters volume 1


The psychology of good diagnosis and bad diagnosis by therapists.

How to improve attachment with support giving and how attachment can change over time. The psychological basis of the nuclear family structure – birth order, child bereavement and the symbiosis between mother and child. Different parenting styles including the psychological effects when parents, parent from the Child ego state.

Schools of  Transactional Analysis, psychological games, the theory of seven life positions and various aspects of the three ego states.



Posters volume 2



Psychosomatics and hypochondriasis explained in detail, especially headaches and the psychoanatomy of the eyes.

Models of marital counselling, how our counselling of couples is too individualistic and needs to be more collectivist oriented. Rules of fair fighting in marriage and aspects of conflict. Serial monogamy and the stages of relationship development over time.

Depression & suicide, the suicide escape hatch as a self soothing strategy, the concept of passive suicide and how suicidality is a part of us all and suicide and homicide.




Posters volume 3



Personality types – Early Decisions, Drivers, Injunctions, Life Positions & Strokes. The paranoid versus the paranoiac personalities. The OCD and self soothing.

Features of the oral stage of development, Erikson’s theory and Freud’s theory of the psychosexual genesis.

Process of decision making leading to different types of suicidality and homicidal behaviour.

The teenage stage of development and the idea of the end of the adolescent stage. The eight main psychological task that teenagers must master, teenage risk taking and A1 ego state thinking.




Posters volume 4


Assertive vs aggressive. Anger management and ego states as well as character feelings including a case study of shame. Different types of jealousy and the developmental function of jealousy for the growing child. Temper tantrums and how parents can respond.

Sex in relationships, how men and women see sex and the different meanings it has for them.

The ego states described and the two ego state model. Different types of life scripts and aspects of redecision therapy. Using ego states to understand procrastination and anorexia.



Posters volume 5


Different types of alcohol and drug use including drug using careers and the addictive personality. Drug addiction as an attachment disorder. Gambling as an addiction and the treatment of it.

The triphasic separation – individuation theory of child development – how children separate from parents in the negative stages of 2 yo, 4 yo and adolescence.

What is dissociation and its difference to desensitization. The four types of psychological strokes, stroke power, the stroke filter and how to change stroking patterns.


Posters volume 6


Charts of different types of group therapy and the processes in different therapies.

The positives and negatives of confrontation in therapy and the idea of self confrontation. How to deal with the stuck client – 4 different ways.

Drug use and the harm reduction contract, relapse process work not relapse prevention work. Scare tactics in drug use.

Third order ego state structure and the transactional analysis of love. The please me driver and pathological compliance. First and second degree drivers. The psychology of drawing analysis and hero worship.


Posters volume 7


Family dynamics at christmas time that cause trouble. The emeshed and distancing family structures. Script imago diagram and how we develop templates for our relationships throughout life.

Free Child in marriage. Main psychological issues people have to deal with during illness and hospitalization.

The four factors for a positive outcome in therapy. Gestalt theory of emotion and the concept of the here and now. Profile of a professional caretaker.

Self harm and self destructiveness. The secret world of the teenager. Adolescence and independence. Managing ongoing trauma.


Posters volume 8


Cure from a Transactional Analysis perspective.


Attachment styles and drug use, relapse and the drug use career. The anatomy of human destructiveness and the different forms it can take. The recreational heroin user. Key features of the AA approach.


Romantic relationship satisfaction and what factors effect it. The role the family of origin plays in such relationships. Egograms and relationships.



Posters volume 9


The key effective factors in psychotherapy along with the features of counselling the expert and novice client. Terminating therapy and the obligations for both the therapist and client. Couples therapy and the use of confrontation in counselling.


How a person builds psychological resilience. Problems with current day resilience training programs and how to avoid the pitfalls.


Developmental stages in childhood and how children learn behavioural growth. The recycling that occurs in child development with many stages being a recycling of previous stages.


Posters volume 10

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Transactional analysis, redefining, life script story, ego state patholgy and the formation of the Parent ego state, magical thinking in the suicidal, drivers and our pets and drivers.

The concepts of phobia and counter phobia. Phobia as a displacement of anxiety. Psychology of the counter phobia and the ego states involved.

The two forces of eros and thanatos and thanatos acceptance therapy.

How children separate from parents and how parents separate from children. Breaking the symbiosis.