Professional Services


Counselling and Psychotherapy


Tony runs individual, couples and group counselling with adults. A variety of problems are dealt with including low self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, shyness, depression, loss of a child, trauma, relationship problems, and so on.

Children and Teenagers

Children between the ages of 2 years and 16 years are also counselled. Many different difficulties are counselled, and in each case the child is provided with a safe form of treatment to ease the distress that the child maybe currently feeling. Parents are invited to take an active role in the process, as changes in dealing with the child at home forms an important part of the approach.

Addictions and Drug Counselling

Tony has a certificate in addictions counselling. He offers specialist counselling in the treatment and management of drug abuse for a wide variety of drugs, prescription and illicit.Workshops Workshops are conducted on areas like transactional analysis, “How to feel good”, relationships, anger management, parenting and so on. These are done for the general public as well as specialist groups such as schools, organizations, parent groups, etc.

Transactional Analysis Training

Tony has been running a training program for over 20 years. People can train to become counsellors using transactional analysis, or they can use it in their current area of work such as nurses, teachers, administrative staff or supervisors.

Psychological testing

Tests for Dyslexia, 4 years to adulthood

Various forms of dyslexia are diagnosed using tests. This allows to identify which children are likely to have dyslexic problems at school. It can explain why some children have problems with reading, writing or spelling. Referral to remedial programs is then possible.

Career Guidance, 13 years to adulthood

A test battery is used to show which career paths are the best choice. Based on intellectual abilities, occupational preferences and personality traits. Also identified is academic under-achievement as well as the strong and weak subject areas.

Personality Assessment, 13 years to adulthood

Testing and a clinical interview will produce a personality profile. This gives information on how the person is currently functioning. If problems are present, the type, severity and possible means of assistance are outlined. For example assessments for addictions and suicidal thoughts.

Medicare and some private health care rebates available to clients.