Psychotherapy of the antiscript stage of development

Eric Berne the originator of the life script also come up with the idea of the antiscript. A good example of the antiscript concept, is some instances of the male midlife crisis. As the chart below shows one of the key aspects of an antiscript life phase is the question – Who am I?

A point in their life where the person questions their meaning on this planet, the meaning of their life and their existence. This is important from a therapeutic point of view in that the therapist is meant to guide the person to firstly understand the question they are asking and secondly assisting the person to gain some kind of answer to it.


The renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl with his highly acclaimed book “Man’s search for Meaning” developed a therapeutic approach called Logotherapy. This approach is particularly applicable with a person in the antiscript phase. To put it crudely, if you had to draw a logo to symbolize you as a person and your life, what would it be? A logo of course is meant to capture the meaning of who you are and what you do. If one can successfully define their “logo” then they will be more able to answer the question who am I, and successfully pass through their antiscript phase.

Antiscript diagram copy

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