Psychotherapy with the teenage male

Archetypal feminine and masculine qualities


Jung would say that each of us has both sides (male & female) in our personality, we all have parts of both the feminine and the masculine. However as a group males tend to have more of the masculine and females tend to have more of the feminine side.


The female developing her masculine side



The teenage male is probably one of the most masculine groups compared to adults in general. The teenage male tends to be very reticent to display his feminine side more so than adult males probably because they have not yet suffered enough. They still think they can deal with it and it wont really effect them. This mainly relates to catharsis or the expression of emotion and being in touch with their ‘Child’ part. Which, as one can see tends to be from the feminine side. If one does not do these things at least to some degree then in the longer term they suffer some kind of problem whether that be depression, excessive alcohol use, anxiety, chronic insomnia and so on.

The teenage male hasn’t suffered these problems long enough to get that level of motivation where they will finally do the ‘unacceptable’ and start to display these feminine characteristics. Whereas the adult male has suffered much more and will tend to be more motivated in this way. In addition the teenage male, as a stage of development, is about developing the masculine slide of the personality which makes it extra hard for them to demonstrate the feminine.

Psychotherapy can in this sense be seen as a feminizing process, particularly for the male. As a result psychotherapy of the male teenager needs to be modified quite considerably because it is simply not  compatible with the male teenage personality. Psychotherapy in this instance needs to be much more masculinised which can make it considerably different to mainstream psychotherapy. The teenage male will actively resist the feminizing qualities that psychotherapy promotes and thus limit its effectiveness.

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