Schizoid personality type

This personality type often displays characteristics like 


Withdrawn passivity



Creative thinkers

Overly sensitive

Paul Ware also described them as 

Kind, pleasant and concerned for others.


I would suggest there are two discrete sub groups in this personality type

Often the life positions associated with this personality type are

I-U- and I+U-

And it is these two life positions that result in two different subgroups of schizoid personality type.

Subgroup 1

The with the I-U- life position they are as Paul Ware describes often with a kind, pleasant quality as well

Subgroup 2

Those with the I+U- life position are different. As with all schizoids they are not openly hostile or aggressive however underneath they have a superiority complex especially with the intelligent schizoid. They maintain their inability to communicate and relate to others in any meaningful way by seeing themselves as different to others usually from a superior position.


I+U- (I-U – -) Superiority complex

I am different to all others

I don’t fit in 

Others are ignoramuses and simpletons, drones monotonously living out their lives with no real meaning

I have the real meaning or at least I am searching for it or are aware that something else exists beyond going to work and playing between life and death. Other do not have this awareness or view that I posses. Hence the belief of superiority.

Treatment involves the presentation of the I- U- – life position to the person.

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