Suicide and family relationships

There is a group of suicidal people who say, “If I end my life those around me will be better off because I am a stress for them.” This is usually met with snorts of derision and counter argument that if they die then they will be struck down with immense grief especially about a death by suicide.

They may even be told that doing such thing is the cowards way out and it is the ultimate selfish act.

There is just one problem, there is logic to the argument of the suicidal person in certain situations. If one is living with or has a reasonable amount of association with a suicidal loved one that is a very stressful situation to live under especially if it goes on for a long time. Months or years. Each time you come home you don’t know if you will find them lying on the floor overdosed, perhaps blood everywhere from cutting or hanging from the ceiling. One would find it hard to describe a more stressful family situation to live in.

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The non suicidal loved one knows, if this has been going on for some time, that the suicidal urges will not stop suddenly one day so this is likely to continue for some time to come perhaps a very long time. And the Free Child of the loved one also knows that if the suicidal person does die then all that stress will disappear instantly, 100% and forever. That makes it attractive to the Free Child of the loved one living with the suicidal person. This transaction will exist even if they do not like to admit it.

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If you are working with a suicidal person and their family then you know that at least some members will be supportive of the suicide from their Free Child point of view. 

Family is usually seen as a protective factor for the suicidal person and in one way it is but in another way, as just described, it is actually a contributing factor to the suicidality.

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