Suicide attempt caught on video

As I have previously proposed there are six common suicide decisions people can make, shown here.

1. If things get too bad I will kill myself.

2. I will kill myself by accident.

3. I will kill myself and others by accident.

4. I will get you to kill me.

5. I will kill myself to hurt you.

6. If you don’t change I will kill myself.

As we see number four is “I will get you to kill me”  sometime called ‘death by cop’. There are some who have made the suicide decision but just do not have it in their behavioural repertoire to carry out a suicide attempt. This leaves a dilemma because they have the psychological drive but do not have the behaviours to satisfy that drive. One way to solve that dilemma is to manipulate someone else into doing the behaviour for you.

This is a good example of such a suicide attempt. The man pulled over by the police, Mr Brannan, behaves in such a provocative manner that he raises the probability significantly that he could be shot and killed by the policeman. It is interesting to see and listen to how he provokes the police officer.


In this case the suicide attempt was not completed and he in fact shot and killed the policeman. Some fifteen years later he was executed by lethal injection. So he finally did complete the suicide attempt and he got the state to kill him.

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