The life of a PK

I saw an interesting discussion on television the other day. Two people talking and as they talked they discovered that both of them were, PKs.  I didn’t know what that meant until they said, “Pastor’s kid” and what that actually meant. It meant many things including people in the local community would look at you differently if you were a PK.

I immediately found this an interesting discussion because I am also a PK. I am a psychologist’s kid (or psychotherapists kid). Both my parents were psychologists and psychotherapists and yes people do look at you differently and treat you differently (at least in your local community). Further to this both my parents were prominent and well known in our community especially the Transactional Analysis community where we lived.

I became involved in TA training at a very young age (22 years old) and myself and both my parents ran quite a large combined training program for 15 to 20 years. So I was heavily involved as a PK in our local community. 

Many of the people involved in that training program were my parents’ trainees and /or clients. A lot of them would have had strong transference reactions to my parents. I would often be sitting in a room with people who saw my parents as their psychological parent figures and there was me the actual biological child of them sitting next to them. People looked at you differently and reacted differently. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. 

Numerous times people have said to me, “Tony you are so lucky, you must have had the perfect childhood”.

To which I would smile, nod my head and change the topic of discussion.


This is a photograph of a 4 day TA trainees redecision therapy marathon. These people were all TA trainees who were at a marathon therapy group where they could do personal work and then the work would be taught on. 

That is my mother and father sitting with the white board between them and myself sitting on the extreme right, the PK! 

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  1. Naomi Wheeler says:

    very cool photo 🙂

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