The vagaries of psychotherapy

I had one of those good sessions today. A man I had done a lot of work with for a few years but have not seen him for five years. He rings and makes another appointment and we meet again. He presents a relationship problem in the work place that is causing him much angst.

He begins talking and I listen. He is doing a lot of talking and I am doing a lot of listening. I smile and say “yes” and “good idea” and so forth. He is obviously having insights into what is going on the then has an “ah ha” about a connection to his early childhood. Emotions well up in him and he expresses them and continues to talk and have insights.


Eventually he solves his own problem and has a plan for how to deal with it in the future. I have said very little and in essence been a spectator to his own processing and working it out for himself. He thanks me for all my help, pays his bill, we have a good hug and he leaves.

The wonders of psychotherapy and the psychotherapeutic relationship

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