Two types of paranoid thinking

I like these diagrams because they highlight two different aspects of some paranoid thinking. The contamination diagram is probably the most usual way it is diagrammed. As we know Child thinking is mistaken for Adult ego state facts.


It is the A1 diagram that I think adds to the theory of paranoid thinking in general as it highlights the child like nature of paranoid thinking, at least some of it. As we know A1 thinking can be magical thinking and this would explain why the paranoid personality can have at times quite bizarre beliefs. Such as thoughts being monitored by people who are not of this earth.

However more commonly it shows how the paranoid personality can display a sense of narcissism or even grandiosity as young children can. For example the belief that someone is following me. To this statement I may say something that is even a little offensive but is a confrontation, “You are not that important”.


It may be believed that a person up the street is sitting in a car and follows them when they go out. That means this person would have to drive there car there and then sit in it for a unknown period of time as they do not know when you are going out. That could be 1 hour or 24 hours. Nobody is going to expend that time and energy unless you are very important to them. And they would need to have more than one person so they could work in shifts waiting for you to leave the house and to give each other toilet breaks when they have to go to the rest rooms. You would have to be very important to these people for them to do that.

Or that government people are listening in on them with listening devices in the house. That means they would have gone and got a judge’s permission to install such devices and generally would have to prove to a judge there is good reason to do so. Then they would have had to watch you over an extended period of time to find out your pattern of movements so they could then break into your house when you are not there and not likely to come back. Then installed the devices in a very secret manner and left the house with no signs of breaking in. Then people would have to sit and wait next to the tape recorders for you to say something and eventually something that is not just chit chat and is of importance. That could take hours or even days of listening in for no results. Nobody or group of people are going to expend that level of time, energy and money unless you are very important to them. So unless you are exceptionally important then you have grandiose thinking and indeed it could almost been seen as megalomaniacal. Again child like thinking that is found in us all in our A1 ego states.

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