Mary Goulding workshop on love and what it means

What love means
How to raise children – love is almost enough
How love gets contaminated with other things – love & worry, love & guilt.
How parents provide strings attached to love
Love and non commitment (Fritz Perls). How and why this evolved.
Transactional Analysis and make feels (non committed love)
Narcissism as self love. Children don’t love self if they are not first loved
Three results of the failure of self love (narcissistic outcomes)
1. Grandiosity – Mary discusses the I-U- – life position (A theory which I add to some years later)
2. Mirror image love
3. I’m not lovable but my family is

Working with suicidal individuals

Suicidal ambivalence

Suicide decision

Working with drug and alcohol users

Mary Goulding and Tony White using redecision therapy with
two chair with a Don’t be close injunction. Anger racket is used
to keep self alone. Teaching theory of the work afterwards.

Emotional neglect

Panic attacks and families

Procrastination workshop

The process of change