Alcohol does not create the alcoholic

It is only a small group of people who can actually become a drug addict. It is sometimes said that the drug grabbed the person and dragged them into addiction. This is not how it happens. The alcoholic needs to have a pre-existing personality structure for alcoholism to develop. If they don’t have that pre-existing personality structure then it wont happen. These two scenarios are presented here.Process to addiction Jpeg

There are only a small humber of people in a society who can become an alcoholic or a drug addict. When one hears media reports of meth-amphetamine causing a pandemic of drug addiction it is never going to happen. The majority of people do not have to resist alcoholism because their Free Child has little interest in being as so. Most people have too much to do in life to be intoxicated most of the time. That only interests a small group of people.


Drugs do not grab people and draw them into addiction. The person with a particular personality structure will go and find their drug of choice and then an addiction will ensue.

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