Introjection and the integrated Adult

The Child ego state contains all the early decisions. These are formed by age 6 and usually remain relatively stable over time

The Parent ego state contains the introjections. Some of these introjections are the result of a defence mechanism used by the child in early life. Most introjections will be non defensive. These continue throughout life as a normal part of psychological functioning. Unlike the Child early decisions which stop at about age 6, the individual keeps introjecting until the day they die.

These early decisions and introjections are seen as “Alien” chunks of time stuck in the personality. These are then seen to interfere in here and now contact by the integrated Adult ego state. They are seen to disrupt and interfere in our current day relationships. 

Introjections need to be understood, externalised, decommissioned and worked through such that they can be integrated into the Adult. When done they will no longer interfere in current day relationships.

introjection and IA Jpeg

People are adding new introjections to their Parent ego state continuously through out life as part of normal psychological functioning. This means they are constantly adding new “Alien” chunks of time which are then seen to interfere in here and now relating. If the theory of the integrated Adult is accurate then one would need ongoing therapy through out life to decommission and work through each new introjection that is made. Each time a person makes a new introjection that is yet to be integrated this will then interfere in our relating to others in the here and now.

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